October 18, 2010


When Beth was 1 - actually a few days before her 1st birthday - she got tubes put in her ears.  She had back to back to back to back ear infections, and it was looking as if that was going to be the story of her life... at least as long as she was in daycare around all those germs.  So we had made the decision to let the doctor put the ear tubes in at 1 year old...

1 Year Old and a few months - Beth

It was the best decision we'd ever made regarding her health - at least, so far.  The tubes, on a regular basis, did what they were meant to do - that is allowed the ears to drain out all the infection whenever she got a cold.  I can't imagine what would have happened if we hadn't done it!?  She had ear infections like they were going out style!!!  Even more so after the tubes!!!!  Her hearing would have been very damaged by multiple ear infections had we not gone through with it.  She probably would have ended up with speech problems, too.  Anyway, here she is now...

We go here to get our pumpkins every year, and so just to compare this to 3 years ago...


She's grown up so fast!!!  And I'm so stinkin worried about this surgery tomorrow!  I wasn't really too worried about it when she got them put in her ears, but now I'm anxious about her getting them out.  Anxious because she's going to have to get put to sleep again for this procedure.... and anxious about her hearing and having ear infections again (even though she hasn't had one in over a year!)

I'm just being silly!  Right?!

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